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Bitfenix is an advanced exchange platform that offers up to 3.3X leveraged margin while trading through peer-to.Potentially a whale shorted the longs...

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It showed one person had an order in for just over 3,800 ethereum if the price fell to 10 cents on the GDAX exchange.Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.Over on Reddit,. began a cascade of around 800 stop-loss orders and margin-funding.A large sale order on the GDAX exchange earlier this week caused the price.

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Even in the announcement of the ASIC miner thread on Reddit he seems to be.All big and small trading pairs are offered and it is now possible to do cryptocurrency margin trading.Ethereum traders were outraged by the crash blaming GDAX for not having proper controls, and even accusing whoever put the sell order in of market manipulation. Analyzed Sites at WhatIsDomain.Net

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Trading platforms like Coinbase-owned GDAX allow you to buy on margin.

GDAX Bails out Margin Traders Affected by Ethereum Flash Crash. A lot of margin traders were not too. a lot of margin traders on GDAX lost good chunks of money.Coinbase announced on Monday the launch of margin trading on its digital currency exchange platform, GDAX, tailored for professional traders and institutional clients.GDAX exchange reimburses customers affected by Ethereum. stop loss and margin.CNBC has been unable to verify the screenshot posted by DeMasie.

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Coinbase Launches Margin Trading on GDAX for Institutional Traders.We understand this event can be frustrating for our customers.

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Coinbase Adds Margin Trading on Bitcoin, Ethereum and

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See eth reddit or github which is on fire with minds getting together.Bitcoin News: Coinbase Adds Margin Trading on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to.

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Bitcoin News: GDAX Exchange to Reimburse Traders After Ether Flash Crash.

For margin trading on GDAX, White said in the announcement that.Many on social media criticized GDAX and alleged there was some sort of illegal activity taking place.

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Does anyone know when GDAX plans to re-enable margin trading.

These particular investors on GDAX even invested with margin meaning they.

Margin trading now on GDAX | 247 BTC

Cryptocurrency Update: Experts say Ethereum to Eclipse Bitcoin, Despite Current Scaling Issues. This resulted in stop-loss orders and margin positions getting.