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Then gold will buy more SDRs than any other currency, including the most highly weighted one, which is the dollar.If I were in the leadership of almost any other country, I would scream, cry and demand for a global currency.We are witnessing the collapse of the dollar and all fiat currncies.Thats what we need is instruction, no one can think for themselves any more.The world is looking East and the march is probably unstoppable.The true total, which is in the quadrillions, is what the poor masses in the world are liable for.Is it legal for a business in the United States to refuse cash as a form of payment.SDR New World Order Currency. This new form of money is strictly created for the. about the SDR implemented by the end of next month or early October,.

At present, the US government is primarily interested in rescuing Wall Street and the banking institutions by throwing hundreds of billions of dollars in the pit without knowing its precise dimensions.There is nothing new about the global currency or one world government movements.

It also shows me how ready the world is for a new form of payment that is as. invents a better unhackable form of digital currency. October saw the.This continuous high trade deficit is more than the capacity of US economy.Before deciding on a specific form of currency, some states -- including Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.

In God we trust, our country will be re-born after the collapse.Russia is also planning to propose the creation of a new reserve currency, to be issued by international financial institutions.The truth is already more available than ever and once fully revealed will certainly shock most of the world.If your colonial currency from New York is for Five Pounds and it is from the date. contact form. Return to.When the US dollar devalues, and it will, and the price of milk, food, gas, and every other necessity becomes too expensive for the average American citizen, those same citizens will be dreaming of a global currency using a standard for the price of every commodity essential to our existence.

The Bancor was JUST A TYPE of system needed not the very thing.

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Once the benchmark is established, the race between Russia and Saudi Arabia will likely cease.

In the long run, the IMF could only exist with the backing of a military organization.They intend to have SDRs replace the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

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The next financial panic will be bigger than the ability of central banks to put out the fire.With paper currencies and the power to print it at will, inflation is inevitable.They are based on a basket of currencies widespread use of SDRs never really caught on because the system continued to work fairly well with the greenback at the top of the heap.This is in direct correlation to the rapid development of technology like the now global surveillance and computer grid.The idea is that the IMF should activate its dormant powers to issue Special Drawing Rights.

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So incrementally we loose our ability to solve our problems and rely on the conventional power structure to control our lives.In January, the Obama administration said that it fully supports the eventual inclusion of the yuan in the SDR.

Any country wanting to deposit SDRs with the IMF will need gold and with gold fixed in amount it will also fix the number of SDRs.They put their message of prophecy to us on the new currency designed in.

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Unfortunely the path to this harmony will be horrible for the human animal, and many other species on this planet.Search form Site Search. Search. You are now leaving the U.S. Currency Education Program website.However, there are several reasons that may lead to the decline of the greenback.No one has made a truly practical flying car yet, and inventors have been trying since the Wright brothers.

New Digital Currency Aims to Unite Every Money. many assumed McCaleb and the other founders of project were just trying to get rich off the new currency.Rumor: The U.S. dollar will officially collapse after 1 July 2014 due to the implementation of H.R. 2847.If the international currency exchange rates were frozen and one XYZ equals 3 ABCs you have your global currency.And now you have the most fragile and speculative entity backing your new currency!.Globalist organizations such as the IMF say that having a true global currency would facilitate world trade, it would make currency wars less likely, it would stabilize the global economy and it would make the rest of the globe less reliant on what is going on in the United States.

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