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Bitcoin Hedge Fund: Scaling Resolution Could Double Price. The hedge fund also highlighted the broad increases observed across most cryptocurrency markets of.Hedge Funds Are Buying Mt Gox Bitcoin Claims Mt Gox creditors have waited for over three years to see some of their lost bitcoins returned,.Mt Gox creditors have waited for over three years to see some of their lost bitcoins returned, but the end is still not in sight.

While we have seen some significant investment into the space, we acknowledge that the sector is still in its infancy and that we will probably begin to see more institutionalization among managers in this space.Those relationships should make it easier for the company to quickly find the best price for bitcoin at a given time.Ever since the bitcoin cryptocurrency first launched and achieved initial success, institutional investors and hedge fund managers have secretly sought a regulated.The Bitcoin Fund, which is traded exclusively on the EXANTE fund platform and was launched in late 2012, is the best performing hedge fund year to date with a return.The fund shares are distributed exclusively through the Exante Hedge Fund Marketplace platform.

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The upstart stock exchange SecondMarket has made a name for itself allowing investors to buy shares of hot private companies like Twitter.We have not seen and do not necessarily believe there would be a reason for a fund complex to introduce SPV structures to accommodate digital currency investment, but if that occurred, such structuring discussions would be based on normal factors like jurisdiction of the underlying asset, corporate necessity, etc.

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For purposes of this article, we make references to the term Bitcoin and digital currencies.It is not surprising then to see asset managers beginning to explore this space either through dedicated fund products, or through side pocket investments separate from more traditional products.Bitcoin Hedge Funds. in this space will not be significantly different than for a traditional hedge fund investing in securities and.There are a number of instrument-related issues which arise for fund managers who are investing in this space.The fund, the Bitcoin Investment Trust, aims to provide a reliable and easy way to bet on the future price of bitcoin, a currency generally traded on unregulated, online exchanges based overseas.Now that those companies are going public, SecondMarket is turning its attention to the next new thing — bitcoin.

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I imagine there being funds that I can put my crypto in, and they reinvest.There are unconfirmed news that a large number of fund managers are planning to launch hedge funds with crypto currencies.

Jurisdiction of any offshore structure will likely be the Cayman Islands or the British Virgin Islands.A Senate committee and a number of state regulators have been examining whether the currency is evading financial oversight, allowing it to be used by money launderers, tax dodgers and drug traffickers.

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Jon Matonis first reported that Malta-based prime brokerage firm Exante launched the first Bitcoin hedge fund.

That firm said that its Bitcoin Hedge Fund has amassed 90,000 bitcoins,.Packaging bitcoins as a fund may also allow the investment to be kept in tax-advantaged retirement account, Mr.The biggest question is whether these instruments are securities or some other kind of asset subject to (or not subject to) regulation.

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Bitcoin-related hedge fund launching in Malta earlier this fall — the second of its kind following a fund in Malta.We would expect the regulation of such assets to be driven by federal authorities, but we do not discount the fact that many state securities regulators (especially on the west coast) can take aggressive positions regarding new products.

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For SecondMarket, the bitcoin fund signals a push to diversify into new businesses.We are in the business of managing client assets by investing in Bitcoin.

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Beyond its exchange for private company shares, it has facilitated the buying and selling of other hard-to-trade assets like bankruptcy claims and auction rate securities.Now that all these companies have either gone public or announced their intention to do so, there are questions about how SecondMarket and its ilk will adapt.

First Bitcoin Hedge Fund Launches From Malta. institutional investors and hedge fund managers have secretly sought a regulated investment vehicle for bitcoin.However, we tend to see greater attempts to limit withdrawals.Currently, over 400 investment services licenses have been issued.

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Perhaps the biggest issue with respect to these instruments is how and where they are custodied, and also how and where the passwords, keys or other information related to the proof ownership are custodied.One of the risks for bitcoin investors is the uncertain regulatory environment.As we reported several times last year, hedge funds are increasingly looking to illiquid assets to provide alpha.