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The most epochal financial transaction of this century, to date, occurred on May 22, 2010.Both Bitcoin and gold are considered prominent stores of value and safe haven assets.Please see the wiki for more detailed explanations of the rules.Its also a great way to evade taxes, stash money and launder money.The titles have been abridged for the sake of brevity, however the context remains the same.On 6 August 2010, a major vulnerability in the bitcoin protocol was spotted. the number of GitHub projects related to bitcoin passed 10,000.Also, these reddit points would be able to be send without relying on reddit but on a global network of computers that secured the network by decentralizing it and removing any single large points of failure.

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Or is your fax machine missing the latest hardware update to get with the times.

Monday marked Bitcoin Pizza Day — the date seven years ago when Laszlo Hanyecz completed the first ever purchase.

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On May 22, 2010 a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz used 10,000.Also, there are a ton of USD (or any other national currency) that are held as reserves by other nations and foreign investors - none of which use it for tax payments.

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Naturally, its decentralized nature, high liquidity and transportability began to appeal to a wide range of investors seeking for alternative assets to protect their wealth with a long-term investment.In May of 2010, someone on a Bitcoin forum by the name of Lazlo claimed to have bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins.The 450 BTC in particular was given to me in exchange for 10 BFL FPGA Singles.Less faith in government will probably also corralate with more attempts at tax evasion and then you start that vicious spiral that Greece has been through.

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Bought on 22nd May 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz, the programmer paid a fellow Bitcoin Talk forum user 10,000 BTC for two.

Gold has failed to sustain its value over a seven-year period and has failed to see an increase in its value.Heck you could choose to deal exclusively in mangos if you wanted.

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What happened to the 10000 BTC used to buy a pizza in May

Hey wassup, haha bitcoin is unstoppable lol, by the way things are going, should get my desired returns by 2157.

On May 22, 2010, a developer bought two pizzas using 10,000 units of a then-little-known digital currency called bitcoin.Today, 10,000 bitcoins are worth more.Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.

10,000 bitcoin bought 2 pizzas in 2010 — and now it'd be

This motivates me to buy more bitcoins from Paxful and will surely do the same from similar sites.

As those patterns are found, the address of those patterns are added to the ledger along with the account that found that bitcoin.

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His personal opinion of the bitcoin market, rather than fact as he tries to make it sound.Monday marked the 7th anniversary of what is widely believed to be the first real-world transaction involving Bitcoin, when one web user swapped 10,000 units of the.

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Over the past seven years, Bitcoin experienced a meteoric rise in terms of market cap, user base and value, while gold failed to live up to the expectations of its.

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I had been frustrated with paypal and something just clicked when I first used bitcoin.

SegWit looks to greatly increase the speed of transactions, check out this quick video example.Plenty of growth is fueled by speculation, but at the same time for one to be a widely adopted currency it has to grow A Lot.I will try to find those and reply as a second reply to your comment.In many ways, Bitcoin can be perceived as Gold 2.0, or digital gold, due to its characteristics.I just happened to sell them a few months before Mt Gox went bust.

I found an interview with the guy who traded these pizzas for bitcoin. What happened to the 10000 BTC used to buy a pizza in May 2010.Every coin is going to have its diehard supporters evangelizing their favorite, keep a level head when reading stuff.However, over the past seven years, one experienced a meteoric rise in terms of market cap, user base and value, while the other failed to live up to the expectations of its investors.Bitcoin enthusiasts casually gloss over this fact when spouting off how everyone, including Amazon, accepts Bitcoin.Eventually people will start to realize the ridiculous amount of times this bitcoins for pizza story has been reposted.

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The final two paragraphs is just the poster ranting about his opinion of Bitcoin and trying to pretend it is fact.

The lotto company knows if the ticket was purchased, at what location.If your post does not appear in the new queue and you think it meets the above rules, please contact the moderators (include a link to your post, not your story).Nobody can bounce in and out of position, perfectly timing highs and lows.If you are interested in reading about the TILs on this list use the search box feature and enter the keywords to pull up past TILs.May 22 marks the seven-year anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, where Florida programmer.Since July of 2010, Bitcoin has significantly outperformed the Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Euro, Silver, Gold, US Dollar, bonds, global stocks, US real estate and US stocks.At least in my state I have read the rules and they require a ticket to be present.